Ports Bridge

Ports Bridge, Portsmouth

old map: 25inch County Series map -- Hants LXXV.16

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Period - 19th century, early
refce: Brookes 1815
Portsea ... separated from the mainland on the N by a creek, over which there are two bridges, one for the entrance and the other for the departure of passengers.

The place is described in text Cox 1738

refce: Cox 1738
... [Portsey Island] ... is joined to the Continent by a bridge, which had of old a small Castle to defend it.

old map
Shown on an old map by Morden 1695
- bridge
refce: Morden 1695
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old map
Portsey bridg
Shown on an old map by Ogilby 1675
- bridge - Hampshire
refce: Ogilby 1675 (pl.30)
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Shown on an old map by Speed 1611
- bridge - Portesdowne Hundred - Hantshire
refce: Speed 1611
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old map
Shown on an old map by Norden 1607
- bridge
refce: Norden 1607
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old map
Portes bridge
Shown on an old map by Saxton 1575
- bridge - Southamtoniae
refce: Saxton 1575
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The place is described in text Leland 1535-43

refce: Leland 1535-43
... an Isle bering the name of Portesmuth.
... by marisch grounde to a place caullid Portebridge 2. miles from Portesmuth. ...
From Portesmuth toun to Portesbridge of 2. arches of stone ij. miles.
This bridge is the limes of the isle.
And heere I markid one arme of salte water ebbing and flowing that cummith owt of Portesmuth Haven up by marsch ground onto Portebridge. And an other creke t[hens] from the mayne se to the same bridge. And these 2. crekes meting at the bridge make the Isle of Portesmuthe.


refce: JandMN
The westerley crossing over Ports Creek between Portsmouth and Langstone Harbours, making the island of Portsea.

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place - Ports Creek

Hampshire Gazetteer - JandMN: 2001