Merdon Castle

Merdon Castle, Hursley
ancient monument, hillfort
refce: HANTSLOC.t

old map: 25inch County Series map -- Hants XLIX.7

Merdon Castle

refce: Coates 1989
MERDON CASTLE, MANOR in Hursley 'Merdon' was 1138 'Merdona' 1184 'Meredon' apparently 'Maera's hill' according to Gover, because it is on no known boundary (gemaere) and there is no pond (mere) there. But why not from 'miere'='mare', confirming the parish name (the reason for the duplication being obscure) and accounting for the 1167 form 'Merendon(a) from hypothetical Mierenadun'='hill of mares'?

old map
Shown on an old map by Norden 1607
- ancient monument, hillfort - Budlesgate Hundred - Hamshire
Period - 1590s-1600s
refce: Norden 1607
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Merden castelle
The place is described in text Leland 1535-43

refce: Leland 1535-43
And by this park [Hursley] was a castelle caullid Merden, whereof sum smaul ruines or tokens yet remayne.
Minns says:- Merdon Castle in Hursely Park, built by Bishop Henry de Blois (c.1138) on one of the manors granted to the See by Cynegils. Little now remains beyond fragments of walls with an exterior fosse.

Hampshire Gazetteer - JandMN: 2001