Malwood Castle

Malwood Castle, Minstead

refce: HANTSLOC.t

old map: 25inch County Series map -- Hants LXIV.9

Castle Malwood
otherwise: Malewode , 1272; Mallewode , 1280; Castle of Malwood , 1565

refce: Coates 1989
CASTLE MALWOOD, hamlet and Forest walk in Minstead
Originally perhaps Old English 'Mealla's wood', in view of the persistent double 'l' in medieval times. Otherwise it would be tempting to suppose hypothetical Old English 'Maluwudu' or 'Malwewudu'='wood by a gravelly ridge' (topographically suitable) or hypothetical 'Mealuwewudu'='mallow wood'.

old map
Malwood Castle
Shown on an old map by Harrison 1788
- settlement, town - New Forest Hundred - Hampshire
Period - 1780s
refce: Harrison 1788
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old map
Malwood Cast.
Shown on an old map by Badeslade 1742
- settlement, village - Hampshire
Period - 1740s
refce: Badeslade 1742

coat of arms

refce: Bowen 1720 (plate 263)
Malwood Castle / Has on ye N. side of it an Oak wch. very remarkably buds on Christmas day, & withers again before Night. There is a vulgar Tradition, that this is ye Tree on wch. Sr. Walter Tyrrel's Arrow glanced that killed K. Will Rufus. K. Cha. 2d. ordered it to be paled in whether out of respect to ye Tree or ye sd. King is uncertain.

old map
Malwood Castle and lodge
Shown on an old map by Morden 1695
- settlement, hamlet - New Forrest Hundred - Hampshire
Period - 1690s-1720s
refce: Morden 1695
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old map
Castle Malwood
Shown on an old map by Ogilby 1675
- castle - Hampshire
refce: Ogilby 1675 (pl.97)
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old map
Malwood Castle
Shown on an old map by Blaeu 1645
- castle - Newforrest Hundred - Hantshire
refce: Blaeu 1645
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old map
Malwood castle
Shown on an old map by Speed 1611
- castle - Newforrest Hundred - Hantshire
refce: Speed 1611
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old map
Cast of Malwood
Shown on an old map by Norden 1607
- castle - Newforrest Hundred - Hamshire
Period - 1590s-1600s
refce: Norden 1607
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The place is described in text Keer 1620
- Hantshire
refce: Keer 1620
... other Bulwarks, or Blockhouses that secure the Countrey: and further in the Land, as Malwood, ...

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