Hayling Railway



refce: JandMN

commentary: Hayling Railway, the Hayling Billy Line, LBSCR, from Havant to Hayling Island, Hampshire, authorized 23 July 1860, opened to goods 1865, and to passengers 17 July 1867.
The company was incorporated to build a railway by Act of Parliament:-
refce: 23-24 Victoria cap.166 1860
27-28 Victoria cap.177 1864
30-31 Victoria cap.189 1867
Lease to the LBSCR see:-
refce: 37-38 Victoria cap.54 1874
The route ran from Havant Station, through Langston Station, North Hayling Station, to Hayling Island Station.

Associated with
person railway company : Hayling Railway
date 1860-1871

Associated with
person railway company : London, Brighton and South Coast Railway, LBSCR
date 1871-1923

Associated with
person railway company : Southern Railway, SR
date 1923-1948

Associated with
person railway company : British Railways, BR
date 1948

mapping: goes through
Havant Station, Havant
Langston Station, Havant
North Hayling Station, Havant
Hayling Island Station, Havant
23.7.1860: authorized
1865: opened (goods only)
17.7.1867: opened (passengers)

Hampshire Gazetteer - JandMN: 2001