Andyke hillfort

Andyke hillfort, Barton Stacey
ancient monument, hillfort
Barton Stacey
univallate, over 15 acres
refce: JandMN

old map: 25inch County Series map -- Hants XXIV.15

otherwise: Auntediche , 1200-1299?; Devils' Dyke

refce: Coates 1989
ANDYKE, ancient earthwork in Barton Stacey
This must have been already here when the Anglo Saxons arrived, for they called it hypothetical 'Entadic' 'giants' dyke', a typical name for prehistoric earthworks before the name of the Devil became associated with them in Christian times (cf the 'Devil's Ditch' at St Mary Bourne). A further earthwork in King's Worthy was referred to in 1026 as 'aenta dic' the same expression. An Old English poem describes Roman remains as 'enta geweorc'='work of giants'. Other ancient earthworks in the county were attributed to Grim supposedly a by name for Woden; the end of (one of the) Grims Dyke(s) in Breamore is called 1297 'Grymesdichesende' and Grims Ditch in Linkenholt was 1272 'Grimesdich.'

Hampshire Gazetteer - JandMN: 2001