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Map title: Sussex. Published January 1, 1808, by R. Phillips Bridge Street Blackfriar's London. Cooper delt. Et sculpt. British Miles 10= 23 mm. Compass Plate XXXV. Rapes (Ca.) Statistical notes (ba.)

Book Title: A topographical dictionary of the United KingdomAccompanied by 46 maps, drawn purposely for this work, on an original plan By Benjamin Pitts Capper, Esq. London, Richard Phillips, 1808.

A note on the title-page of this work refers to the publication of the maps coloured and done up separately, price 12s, half bound.

This map can be found in the collection of the Sussex Record Society under the call number PM66.

H. Cooper

The signature of H. Cooper, of Chancery Lane, appears as the engraver of a number of maps at about this period. It seems, however, that this map was both drawn and engraved by him.

Sir Richard Phillips (1767 - 1840), the publisher, was born in London of a Leicestershire family. His original name was Philip Richard. He worked first as a school-master and subsequently as a hosier. In 1790 he set up as a book-seller in Leicester and founded the Leicester Herald in 1792. 3 years later he was goaled for selling Paines' Rights of Man. He then moved to London and started the Monthly magazine in 1796. He was a sheriff of the City of London in 1807 and was knighted in 1808.In 1823 he retired to Brighton where he died.


References : D. Kingsley. Printed Maps of Sussex, 1575-1900. Sussex Record Society,Volume 72. Produced by ALan Sutton PUblishing, limited. 17a Brunswick Road, Gloucester.

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