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The work in which this series of maps appeared was published by William Owen, a distinguished publisher and bookseller, who was active from 1748 until his death in 1793. He was a Master of the Stationers Company in 1781. He published a number of political pamphlets.

Benjamin Martin (1704/5-82), the author of The Natural History of England, or a description of each particular county, started work as a plough-boy in Surrey, and became a teacher at Guildford. A legacy of £500 enabled him to take up writing and he published books on a variety of subjects, inculding globes and the determination of longitude. About 1734 he settled in Chichister, where he kept a school, made optical instruments and compiled Bibiloteca Technologica. In 1740 he set up as an instrument maker in London and retired in 1781, but lacking his control the business quickly declined. He attempted suicide and died in the following year.

Map Title: Sussex divided into its RAPES Containing City Borough & Market Towns, with the principal roads and Distance &c. By Eman. Bowen Geographer to His Majesty. Engraved for the General Magazine of Arts & Sciences for W. Owen at Temple Bar 1756. British Statue Miles 15=37 mm (Ca.). Compass (Ca. Below and right of scale). Rapes (Aa.) Explanation (Ee.). Longitude 10' (2') Latitude 10' (2').

Book Title: The Natural history of England, or, a description of each particular county… By Benjamin Martin. Vol. 1, London, W. Owen and 'the Author', 1759
This map formed part of "The General Magazine of arts and sciences, 1755-1765". This map was probably based on an earlier map by Budgen.

Information about the map, and about Emanuel Bowen, taken from D. Kingsley's Printed Maps of Sussex, 1575-1900. This map is part of the Sussex County Record Society collection and can be found under the call number PM69.

Emanuel Bowen
Emanuel Bowen was a map- and print- seller, engraver and publisher. Britannia Depicta was probably his first publication and he must have been gratified at its success. He continued in business until his death in 1767, and at one time help the appointments of engraver to both George II and Louis XV. Nevertheless he died in reduced circumstances. His son Thomas carried on the business until c. 1790 when he died in the Clerkswell workhouse.
References : D. Kingsley. Printed Maps of Sussex, 1575-1900. Sussex Record Society, Volume 72. Produced by Alan Sutton Publishing limited, 17a, Brunswick Road, Gloucester.

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